Please read - a message from Stuart Harper (Johns Son)

It is with great sadness that I report that my dad, John Harper, passed away in february after an incredibly brave fight with cancer. His work, his clients and his business were a big passionin his life and so he'd have wanted to ensure it was in safe hands and that all his loyal customers were looked after in the years to come.

As a result if you have any issues please contact or call me on 07779809353, which for the moment I will respond to, and we'll be updating things shortly with a new owner who will drive things forward and ensure your website and email are well looked after.

Stuart Harper

Services Being Discountinued

Over the last few months many clients of my dads have taken the opportunity to move to new hosting providers which I completely understand. Some have simply stopped paying. The combination of which means keeping my dads servers running are not possible going forward

As a result all services will be discountined end of august. There may be a small amount of grace for those who are struggling to move in that time period.

Who can i move my website to? I would strongly advice you use Matt Hobday's services - you can contatc him on 07875 748037

Email provision and Cisco spam filtering services

Some of our clients require email but no web site. Invariably there are two reasons for this

[1] The client wants to convey a more professional image rather than make use of hotmail or other such free email services.

[2] The client is simply flooded with unwanted or unsolicited email often as not containing unsavory material. Collectively this is known as SPAM. JBH Consulting are able to offer Cisco Spam Filtering which operate on our servers before such email is received by the client.