Optimise your web site listing in Google

JBH Consulting offer a process to help maintain and raise the visibility of your web site in search engines such as Google. This is a performance improvement partnership through which we work together to improve your natural ranking in Google and other search engines .    


JBH Consulting examine all aspects of your web site including its design, photographs and wording

We discuss with you the key words you believe represent each page in your web site

We identify what needs to be done by ourselves and you, the client, to help improve the visibility of your site in all search engines 


JBH Consulting utilise their extensive knowledge of Search Engines to help optimise your ranking in search engines.

Once the initial work has been completed, we examine your web site every month and liaise with you to help ensure your site retains its visibility in the key search engines and so this becomes a continual process improvement.

The key elements that contribute to the position of a web site in Google are
[1] Unique visits to the web site
[2] Quality of content in the web site
[3] External links from other web sites to your web site

JBH Consulting encourage all our clients to obtain external links. Where this is difficult, we are able to help with this.