Content Management from JBH Consulting


tasks it is important that your web site is regularly updated. This encourages site visitors to continually read new information which helps generate new or repeat business and does help maintain your ranking in  search engines such as Google. 

You may want to 

  1. Add new pages to your site
  2. Add Sub buttons which appear underneath the Main Buttons in your site
  3. Mark pages as being inactive such that they are not shown in you site until you are satisfied with the layout and content.
  4. Change the content of an existing page - text, font, colour, images, video.
  5. Place useful documents on a given page ( Word, PDF )
  6. Include Images or photo galleries including Pop-up Images
  7. Change the title of each page to help improve your Google ranking.
  8. Reorder the Main Buttons in your site.
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This can be achieved using our own flagship software called "Update Manager" . Provided you are able to use the simplest of features in a word processor such as Microsoft Word then training to use "Update Manager" normally takes no more than 30 minutes.

Following training, JBH Consulting help you with the initial stage of placing content into your own site and remain available for support by phone or at your company location.